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We have listed all of the free, income based health clinics, public health department clinics, community health centers that we have located in Santa Rosa, CA.For the most part these clinics are for low income persons or those without insurance.Our members are "up for" and "down with" almost anything that's fun and easy to access, at places that welcome 2 or 200. You can pay through the site or via check (Note: If sending a check, email Sybil, the Organizer, for specific directions).Dues help to cover our organization's dues to the national Meetup-dot-com organization, maintain our PO box, and contribute a bit to a general event fund.We have provided as much detailed information including phone numbers, emails, and websites where available.Clinic services we list include: As an enhancement to our free medical clinic listings we now provide sliding scale treatment clinics.The new acute-care facility will showcase the most advanced building technologies and sustainable strategies by using Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) methods that will significantly streamline the construction process and reduce costs.

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The new 182,300-square-foot facility is expected to open in October 2014. An injunction is a court order sometimes called a "Restraining Order" that directs a person not to have any contact with you.It is one legal means of helping to protect a person from threats or acts of violence by another person.Domestic violence includes: assault, aggravated assault, battery, aggravated battery, sexual assault, sexual battery, stalking, aggravated stalking, kidnapping, false imprisonment, or any other criminal offense resulting in physical injury or death to petitioner or petitioner's family or household members who are residing in the same single dwelling unit with the petitioner.What can a Domestic Violence Injunction do for you?The injunction can provide such relief as the court deems necessary, such as: If ALL THREE (3) of these apply to your situation, and the other person has been violent toward you, then you may file a petition for an injunction for protection against dating violence.


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