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It was argued, based on philological considerations, that the name as given in the Assyrian text could be matched to a Phoenician Ba‘al-‘azor and the Greek Baal-Eser/Balazeros, a name corresponding to two kings in Menander’s list. There followed several studies that attempted to relate this Baa‘li-maanzer to the list of kings given in Menander/Josephus. A further aria from Giulio Cesare is the bonus track for the album; it is Sesto’s touching apostrophe to hope, ‘Cara speme’, which Joyce Di Donato sings unforgettably on a floating whisper of breath. An excerpt from Monteverdi’s Il ritorno d’Ulisse is included in ‘Peace’, which concludes with Cleopatra’s spirited and defiantly optimistic ‘Da tempeste il legno infranto’ from Giulio Cesare.Murray Perahia has always felt a great affinity with the music of Bach, having played some of his pieces since childhood and been powerfully influenced by a performance he attended at the age of fifteen of the St Matthew Passion conducted by Pablo Casals. As she leads the way forward, long may opera – and peace – prevail.“Di Donato brings technical security and a variety of tonal colours to each aria.He also found solace in studying the composer on a daily basis during a period in which illness prevented him from playing. Il Pomo d’Oro offer bristling accompaniment under principal conductor Maxim Emelyanychev.In Dante's The Divine Comedy, Purgatorio, Canto XX, verses 103-105, Dante uses Virgil's version of Pygmalion to represent greed. Liver advanced a second reason to favor the 825 date, related to the inscription of Shalmaneser III, king of Assyria, mentioned above, where it was mentioned that philological studies have equated this Ba’li-manzer with Balazeros (Baal-Eser II), grandfather of Pygmalion.

During Pygmalion's reign, Tyre seems to have shifted the heart of its trading empire from the Middle East to the Mediterranean, as can be judged from the building of new colonies including Kition on Cyprus, Sardinia (see Nora Stone discussion below), and, according to tradition, Carthage. The 814 date is derived from the Greek historian Timaeus (c.

"Enemy Fire" premiered on her own Vevo channel in April 2014. Miller opened up for Demi Lovato on select cities for her Demi World Tour.

She worked with busbee, Jarrad Rogers, Mike Del Rio, and other noteworthy producers for her album. In December 2014, she was picked as Elvis Duran's Artist of the Month and was featured on NBC's Today show hosted by Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, where she performed live her single "Young Blood".

Her album was released in 2015 with the lead singles being "Young Blood" and "Fire n Gold".

The cover art is a picture of Miller, sitting down holding a sharpie, stylized with sharpie marks around her. She contributed her voice towards the audio book for Jennifer Donnelly's new book, Deep Blue: Songspell and a promotional song for it called "Open Your Eyes".


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