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Seven of these 11 cars were sold to Montour Railroad (MTR), where they were numbered as MTR 31 and MTR 34-39.

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Beau passed away in 2015 at age 46 after a battle with brain cancer. I wonder if it was noted in a divorce filing so they had to get ahead of it? Supposedly he had brain damage from the accident that killed his mom, if so, he is unlikely to ever change. A married dad in his 40s who has an Ashley Madison account and who gets kicked out of the service for coke while his brother is dying, then has an affair with his SIL. His girls likely feel shunted aside, he is with the other 2 all the time.

UP 25146 was wrecked and retired, in 1963, and UP 25071 was wrecked and retired in 1968.

Eleven CA-4s (UP 25120, 25124, 25134, 25143, 25163, 25165, 25167, 25168, 25172, 25194, and 25197) were retired and sold in November 1969.

The other seven cabooses were retired and sold, with no record of who bought them.

The widow of Joe Biden‘s late son Beau Biden is now dating the former vice president’s other child, Hunter, the New York Post‘s Page Six reports.


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