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A verse and a chorus in, frontwoman Laura Jane Grace just lets the song collapse around her to yell at a security guard getting rough with an audience member.This goes on for some time, fighting for this kid to stay in the venue.For instance, communications colossus IT&T (UT&T in the movie) really did give Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista a solid-gold telephone in thanks for its local monopoly. And there really was a character called “Superman”—proud possessor of a 14-inch schlong—who performed a must-see live sex show at the notorious Shanghai Theater.The slick character named Johnny Ola who takes care of business for Hyman Roth (who’s supposed to be mob finance whiz Meyer Lansky) is based on a wiseguy named Vincent “Jimmy Blue Eyes” Alo. Such amusements in 1950s-era Havana were the product of what English calls “perhaps the most organic and exotic entertainment era in the history of organized crime.” In Havana, mob-owned casinos and nightclubs fed off a ruthless dictatorship and vice versa.The best image of the capitalist/criminal cabal that ran pre-revolutionary Cuba was captured in the Havana episode in The Godfather, Part II, where gangsters famously slice up a cake decorated with a map of the country.

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Clash, 52, has voiced Elmo since 1985, launching the sweet-natured, red-furred puppet -- who'd been a recurring character since the '70s -- to greater level of fame alongside Big Bird and Cookie Monster.

puppeteer who voices Elmo, has taken a leave of absence from the show amid allegations he had a sexual relationship with a teenage boy.

The accusations were made in June by a 23-year-old man who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with Clash when he was 16.

But this is also about presenting the band in a certain way.

They want us to understand that, even after decades in the game, Against Me!


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