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Flashing a BIOS can potentially turn your computer into a large paperweight if something goes wrong.Some manufacturers (I know Dell does for example) have alternative BIOS upgrade methods for Linux.the GT version is on the black list but not my card which have the same name-n Vidia Ge Force Go [email protected] Musleh I would suggest you make a new question specifically about your graphics card with all the information about your card and what you have tried.Nvidea does not make a different linux driver for every different card, so the name would not be the same.Examples of firmware drivers include Video BIOS on video cards, PXE boot drivers for Ethernet adapters, and storage drivers on RAID controllers.These devices typically have Option ROMs that provide firmware drivers.

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I tried many time all the different graphic drivers supplied by ubuntu that can run 3D but none works . i found out that there is a similar card on the black list but not the same .

I've recently decided that I want to try and utilize my two graphics cards so that I can have a dual monitor setup.

Unfortunately Windows only seems to notice my most recent graphics card installation - and so I've been told that I should look into my BIOS and try to enable two graphics cards.

These option ROMs also typically provide firmware drivers to the PC.

They include a variety of types of firmware drivers, including legacy PC-AT, Open Firmware, and EFI option ROMs.


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